JUST IN - Pelosi, the speaker of the US House, labels the Supreme Court an "extremist" body that punishes the American people.

TOP FAIL — In an attempt to emotionally capture viewers, CNN plays on the popularity of Top Gun with a Ukraine spin:

Why are these "Top Gun" pilots in a studio instead of in the skies of an active war zone?

"Ukraine’s "Top Gun" Fighter Pilots "Moonfish" & "Juice" claim in an interview with Jim Acosta: Last night Russia launched 51 cruise missiles on civilian infrastructure not just military. We only intercepted 4 of them. We need jets & advanced air defense systems to defend our cities and save Ukrainian lives."

It appears the two "fighter pilots" were on CNN to push the Ukrainian Fighter Pilot's Act, which would train Ukrainian fighter pilots to use US fighter jets.


The aftermath of Glastonbury, where they all cheered in support of Greta Thunberg who was flown in to lecture on the planet, the largest gathering of hypocrites.

If it didn't require me to accept that Trump and military intelligence would have had to walk away from the stolen election & leave the White House to a security threat, I could almost get my head around there being no secret measures in place (devolution, etc.) at the moment.

The evisceration of Biden & Obama's legacy, method, & agenda by SCOTUS is simply stunning. And there's more to come.

Then a Red Wave. We win, for sure.

Perhaps we should ask, what's the MINIMUM that Trump could've done?

Do you know the story of this new Hollywood film?

The child kidnapper in the movie is the doppelganger of John Podesta.

They are laughing in your face.

I urge all Patriots to watch this movie for informative reasons.

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